Communication Is the Key to Everything

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship and a healthy mental state

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Be open and honest:

Honesty leads to a fulfilling, free life. It is not just about telling the truth. It is about being real with yourself and others. Being open means to talk about things that mean something to you, both positive and negative. It means being vulnerable and honest. It helps to open yourself up for possible hurt and disappointment. It shows your maturity, self-acceptance and love.

Don’t ever make assumptions.

In some ways, the brain is designed to make assumptions. It searches for patterns, or what cognitive scientists call “Mental models” They impede your ability to think creatively and get ahead. Making assumptions about your relationship with someone is the worst you would do. The presupposition is the key to overthink. Overthinking leads you to analyze the situation or person the way that is not true. Go straight up to the person and ask what is happening.

Don’t forget to listen:

Sometimes we forget communication is not about spoken words. It relies on listening effectively to others. It helps you to understand the verbal and non-verbal message given by another person.istening is a key factor in cultivating relationships because the more we understand the other person, the more connection we create, as taught in nonviolent communication Dharma teachings. As someone recently stated, “We should listen harder than we speak.”

Set healthy boundaries.

The most overlooked thing by everyone is setting the boundaries according to your comfort. In friends and families, there is little to no extremity that usually causes unhealthy relations. Set your limits, be direct, allow your solace, take care of yourself and be assertive. Do not draw your boundaries in permanent ink. It is good to think about them occasionally and reassess. We all deal with complicated feelings when life happens. By setting boundaries and then breaking them, when the time is right, you are showing your vulnerability.

Learn how to say no.

Learning to say No will help you prioritize yourself over the needs of others. Try to be strong in your body language and don’t over-apologize. Remember, you are not asking permission to say no. Avoid compromising if you want or need to say no. It is important to say No to keep a healthy relationship and good communication. Be clear and honest with yourself about what you truly want. Get to know yourself better and examine what you want from life.

Avoid Misunderstandings

With every relation misunderstandings are the main issue. But it can be easily eased away with communications. Misunderstandings can lead you to the breakdown of communication or the relationship as a whole. Don’t be afraid to ask, express your opinion to reach your comfort and peace of mind of the. We all make mistakes. We all hurt other people. Sometimes we are wrong. In all cases, it is our job, our responsibility to own up for whatever our part in the hurt or misunderstanding is.

Be Observant

The reason that most people aren’t observant these days is because of the infinite amount of distractions all around us. We keep looking at our phones or daydream when someone is talking. Sometimes you do not need to be verbal but observant. Look at the other person and care about their comfort and feeling. Observe their body language and tone and take care of their peace of mind.

Reduce Stress

Being communicative reduce your stress and overthinking and helps you to avoid regretful decisions. Talk to a friend or family member about your situation. You will feel completely relieved. Assertiveness can help you control stress and anger and improve coping skills.

Reach understanding

Understanding is the foremost pillar of communication. Learn to make your clear enough for others to understand and try to be understanding for the other. As long as you appreciate each other, are cordial and respectful, you can still have a successful relationship.

Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life without it, It dies -Tony Gaskins

I kept following these rules every day in my life and, my life has not been the same since then. Everything feels remarkable without a burden and, my emotions just flow.

Lover of writing and addicted to Crime and Netflix. I read like words are my drug. Currently, 16 but I have big dreams.

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